We are a team of six bachelor students of physics at the Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel in northern Germany. The project team was set up in September 2013 after the BEXUS project was presented to us by former BEXUS team MONSTA from our physics institute. We are strongly supported by team MONSTA and all people of the Extraterrestrial Physics Department in Kiel.

We are:
Dennis Trautwein, teamleader

  • expertise in programming, geant 4 simulation
  • responsible for coordination and controlling of the team as well as simulation support
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with simulation

Stefan Wraase

  • expertise in programming, mechanical engineering
  • responsible for software and testing
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with the analysis software

Marlon Köberle

  • expertise in geant 4 simulations
  • responsible for simulation and sensor head design
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with GEANT 4 post flight simulation

Finn Christiansen

  • expertise in electronic engineering and webdesign
  • responsible for electronics and outreachPhysics
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with the characterisation of a charge sensitive pre-amp

Maximilian Brüdern

  • expertise in programming, CAD
  • responsible for mechanical engineering and testing
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with calibration of EVA  in the laboratory

Sebastian Martensen

  • expertise in mathematics and electronic engineering
  • responsible for data analysis
  • Bachelor thesis dealing with the evaluation of flight data