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Balloon in flight

All systems are operating as they should!  We already received lots of data and still 1.5 hour left till gondola cut-down and descent phase.

  • Temperature outside -68°C
  • Altitude 27.4 km
  • Ground speed 70 km/hIMG_1193

Preparations are going well

Day 3 of experiment preparation.
The experiment is ist mounted onto the balloon gondola and working correctly. Some more tests in the real technical flight-environment follow today. First launch opportunity is on Wednesday.


PDR today!

Today we gonna have our Preliminary Design Review here at ESRANGE. We are looking forward to a constructive discussion!

Yesterday we had an experiment-mockup construction session to check the arrangement of the experiments on the BEXUS gondola. Our experiment is the big box on the right bottom corner of the gondola.