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Gondola has landed

Today at roughly 00:45 the gondola has landed. Now it is time to wait for the recovery team to bring brack the gondola. It is expected to arrive on Saturday. Till then we are enjoying the remaining days here at Esrange Space Center.

Flight Capability Test today.

Yesterday we succesfully performed a ‚Flight Interference Test‘ together with experiments from TamaOS, Tormes 2.0 and GranaSAT all on the same balloon gondola.
Today, a ‚Flight Capabiliy Test‘ with the gondola attached to the launch vehicle will follow. First launch opportunity might be tomorrow afternoon.

See the websites of the other teams on our gondola:
Tormes 2.0:

Launch Campaign starts tomorrow

Tomorrow we will travel to the Esrange Space Center for this years BEXUS Launch Campaign.
After a whole year of work on our experiment the time has finally come.
Hopefully the experiment arrived in time.

The boards arrived!

This week our new designed boards, the 18 channel preamp board and the Ethernet board, were delivered. Finn and Sebastian already started soldering them and hopefully we can start taking first measurements with our instrument EVA soon. Furthermore all last orders like aluminum profiles, rubber buffers and most important the SSDs for EVA are out now. If they are delivered in time we can start assembling the experiment during the next few weeks!

preampPreamp-Board (top) and Ethernet Board (bottom)ethernet

Successfull CDR

We are back from the Critical Design Review event at ESA ESTEC in the Netherlands.
It were two really nice days and the best was: during our CDR we got a lot of positive feedback. But we are not perfect so there are still some slight improvements to be done. Right after that we can allocate most of our time into manufacturing and testing our instrument.


New design and content update!

Today, we updated our website design and filled the site with more content!

To get a quick overview about what we plan to do check out our Abstract . If you have the need to get a bit more in detail about the particle flux in the atmosphere, have a look at the Scientific Background. In the Experiment Concept section you can find information about our experiment and the instrument we build.

Furthermore there’s only a week left now until we will present our experiment design at the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) in Sweden.