Efficient Working in a Team: Using Textfiles instead of binary data

You all know this situation. There is a template for an MS Office file e.g. Word and all  team memvers begin to work with it. Everything is fine until you want to merge the files of each member. If it is possible someone has the task to collect all files manually by mail, open them on his PC and merge them together manually. Typical problem occur like formatting problems. After this person has merged the files he has to sent them to the team and the cycle starts again.

We don’t want to waste time by doing things which can be done by a PC faster and better. Therefore we use Latex, which is an improvement of Tex, and the IDE TeXstudio. We split the document up in:

  • header (which contains the formatting variables)
  • titlepage
  • main document (which is very short and has only „\include“ commands)
  • chapters (Each chapter is a own *.tex file)
  • last page

So we won’t have the problems described above.